Day Services Programs

RSI offers services designed to engage individuals actively outside of the residential setting.  

Our current services include:

1.            Life Options

This program is designed to provide persons living in RSI's ICF-IID homes with recreational, vocational, and therapeutic activities that focus on learning and community involvement.  Vocational activities are designed to enhance skills and promote transitions to more independent vocational settings.  Life Options produces a number of products for sale, including handmade clay bead jewelry, greeting cards, and oils and soaps made from plants grown its own greenhouse.   Many products are sold on Etsy.  Life Options also provides opportunities for resident employees to work in the community.  We collaborate with area businesses to provide janitorial services.  Another vocational option for resident employees is to sell used books sold through the "Rockin' and Rollin'" online bookstore.


2.            Golden Opportunities

This group focused on community service and integration after retirement.  Emphasis is placed on active, healthy lifestyles, community interests, learning and developing leisure skills and hobbies, and learning the unique self-care needs associated with aging.  Activities are structured to include both on-site and community opportunities.


3.            Weiss Activity Center

The Weiss Activity Center opened in 2011 and provides a venue for recreational and social activities.  The building is home to the Hollister Gymnasium, a multi-sensory room, and an exercise area.  The Weiss Center hosts weekly yoga and Zumba classes, monthly birthday dances, and many other fitness and social activities.