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owaOutlook Web Access is available to our users with an email address.


Leave Requests

vacationYou may enter leave requests online.


RSI Facebook Page

find us on facebookConnect to RSI's Facebook Page and follow RSI for updates.




RSI Work Orders / Ticket System

osticket_logo_65x65.jpgRSI Work Tracker or ticket system can be accessed online from the website.  If you are unable to access the site, please call the front desk, and they can open ticekts for you.


Internal Website

interwebIf you have lost the link to the internal website, it is below.  Please remember this should not work from non-RSI locations. 


 SPAM Protection

anti_spam_iconHaving trouble with email getting to an address?  Check to see if your mail server has been listed as a spam source. As a security measure, RSI blocks all email, without exception, that is listed on the ZEN list from 
To check your server, you may look at