2021 Annual Fund Letter

Dear Friend of RSI,                                                                                               


Two weeks to “flatten the curve” has turned into nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.  And while 2020 was defined by a virus that caused unprecedented disruption to daily life, 2021 will likely be remembered in part for mental health struggles, supply chain issues, burnout, and a global labor shortage. 


As hard as it might be to imagine right now, as a new variant of the coronavirus is receiving so much media attention, this pandemic will come to an end one day.  The workforce crisis will improve too.  When that time comes, and RSI is safely on the other side of these crises, it will be a testament to the inspiring people who served as heroes in our community and shepherded our way through this remarkable time.  230 of these heroes currently work for RSI.  And you, supporters of our mission, are also heroes.  Thank you!


Moving into 2022, RSI is focused on the future and adapting to a new normal.  We will do this together, the way we’ve always achieved success over the past 47 years - with a dedicated team of employees and strong supporters, like you.  And we need your help again this year.  While our reliable funding streams cover the basic day-to-day expenses, they don’t cover enhancements to our programming, investments in our employees, or security in times of crisis.


It is in times like these, we are grateful for our Security Fund.  We encourage you to think of us again this year as you conduct your year-end financial planning.  A donation to RSI’s Security Fund helps to ensure that RSI can continue to provide security to the individuals and families we currently serve, even and especially during times of global crisis; to stabilize, improve, and develop new services; and to fulfill our long-term commitment of supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with excellence and integrity.


We also ask you to please support RSI by investing in our workforce. Over 230 RSI employees make a difference every day in the lives of the people we support by building relationships, providing the essential support for each individual to live a safe, happy, fulfilling life in their home and community, and trying to bring some normalcy and calmness during uncertain times.  During the workforce challenges, many employees are working long and unpredictable hours, often prioritizing the people we support over their personal lives.  RSI needs additional resources to make investments to nurture and develop these employees through appreciation and training.  A gift designated for Employee Appreciation is a way to say “thank you” for the dedicated work of RSI employees, and your gift will aid in caring for employees by helping to ensure funding now and throughout the year for appreciation gifts, bonuses, and recognition awards.  A donation designated for Employee Development and Training will also help RSI engage, strengthen, and keep the best people.  


On behalf of our Board of Directors and employees, thank you for your generous support, and we wish you and your family well this holiday season. 


Scott A. Keller,  Executive Director