"The best job you never knew existed!"     

"If you are thinking about a health or social services career, look no further than RSI for the unique experience you need to get ahead."

Interested in a career helping others?  RSI offers comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries, and the chance to work with a team of caring individuals committed to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. 

 A rewarding employment opportunity awaits.   Click above to browse our open positions and apply for a job.


Next Day Pay - Pay On Demand!

Work today - get paid tomorrow!  OnDemand Pay from FlexWage gives you more control over your pay and when you need it.  This benefit is available and free to ALL employees.

Paid Time Off (Vacation & Sick)

Paid time off is offered to all full-time employees.  Employees earn a total of 15 days of paid time off during their first year of work.  After year one, eligible employees will earn over 30 days per year of combined paid time off and paid sick leave.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for full-time employees (and those that qualify under the ACA - Affordable Care Act) is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield and includes coverage for preventative medical care, maternity care, prescription drugs, emergency treatment, mental health care, telehealth, vision care, and hospitalization.  

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Telus Health (Formerly Lifeworks) is a confidential employee assistance program and well-being platform.  Free to all employees, RSI is partnering with the world's leading EAP in providing support for our mental, physical, social, and financial well-being with 24/7 access to expert advisors; a wealth of online well-being resources; as well as referrals to counseling, financial and legal specialists, and connections to community agencies.  https://us.lifeworks.com/

Health Savings Account (HSA)

The HSA allows full-time employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses.  

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance for full-time employees promotes preventative care, paying for 100% (with no deductible) of preventative maintenance, including exams, x-rays, cleaning, etc.  Basic services are covered at 90% of cost, and major services are covered at 50%.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life / Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is free to ALL full-time employees. Additional amounts of life insurance can be purchased at excellent rates for self, spouse, and dependents.  

403(b) Retirement Plan

A 403(b) tax-deferred retirement plan is available to all employees for retirement savings.  A 403(b) plan allows employees to set aside a portion of their income for retirement on a pretax basis, thereby reducing federal and state income taxes. 

Pre-Tax Flexible Spending Account

A flex account is available to full-time employees for medical expenses, dependent’s daycare expenses, and other paid for out-of-pocket (i.e., not covered by insurance) expenses, such as eyeglasses/contact lenses, insurance co-payments, prescriptions, chiropractic services, etc.  

Educational Leave & Student Loan Repayment

RSI recognizes the importance of an educated workforce and an educated society.  In order to promote these values, RSI offers three different types of education benefits:  Student Loan Assistance, Education Leave, and Education Assistance.

Employee Recognition

The Star Employee program highlights one employee per month who makes significant contributions to further the mission and vision of RSI.  The “You’ve Been Noticed” program encourages employees, family members, residents, and others to recognize and commend employee achievements and contributions.  RSI hosts various employee appreciation events throughout the year, and a 5 Year Club meets annually to celebrate employee who have contributed 5 or more years of service to RSI. 


Certain businesses provide discounts and packages to RSI employees.   We have a designated area in the HR Department that allows businesses to connect with RSI employees.  If you are looking for new services or products, it is a good idea to check out this resource.  Examples of current discounts include:

  1. Banking packages and discounts with Truist Bank
  2. Liberty Mutual offers discounts on auto, homeowner, and renters insurance.
  3. Homeownership opportunities are available through The Community Home Trust.  
  4. Discounts on pet insurance through VPI Pet Insurance.  
  5. Discounts to employees who are customers of Verizon Wireless.  
  6. Discounts on car rentals from Avis
  7. Many other discounts available through Telus Health (Formerly LifeWorks)

The RSI Chapel Hill / Triangle Experience

Many of our staff find the professional experience of working for RSI and being in Chapel Hill and the Triangle area one of the greatest job benefits.  Our dedication to providing the best services and our ability to attract the best staff members provides a strong bonus for future professional development.  Many RSI alumni have been accepted into a variety of advanced degree programs, and they comment that working at RSI has helped them as they advance their careers.






Hiring Process

1. Individuals interested in employment with Residential Services, Inc. (RSI) should complete the online application for employment through the RSI website. (jobs.rsi-nc.org)

2. The Human Resources (HR) Department reviews and prescreens all applications. An interview will be scheduled for candidates who pass the screening stage. Applicants not selected for a position will be contacted by phone, letter, or email.

3. After an interview with the HR Department, applicants may be scheduled to visit one of our locations (either in-person or over video/Zoom). The purpose of this visit is to allow the applicant an opportunity to get a first-hand, realistic job preview, and it allows the people RSI supports and the employees of the location to assess if the applicant would be a good fit for the job/that location.

4. Some positions, generally supervisory, may require a second interview.

5. RSI will contact applicants via phone, email, or letter to let them know the status of their application.

6. If an applicant is offered a position at RSI, they will be scheduled for an in-person meeting to begin the pre-employment documentation and complete a drug test. All employment offers are contingent upon a successful background check (including three references—two of these must be work (i.e., a supervisor) or school (i.e., a teacher or professor, or a college degree or proof of current college enrollment), a drug test, and a criminal record background check.) The pre-employment documentation must be completed and returned within two weeks from the start of the onboarding process. The sooner a new employee completes the process - the sooner the new employee could potentially start training!

7. Once the Pre-Employment Documentation is completed and returned, new employees can then be scheduled for their on-the-job training and the required training classes for their respective positions.